The Two Minutes for Peace Campaign is a response to realizing peace inside and out. It is my peace offering to all of humanity.  This means offering peace regardless of what happens in the world around us, or inside our heads.  Born on July 8th 2016, the morning after what felt like an overwhelming week of violence in our country, reality felt upside down.  Compounded by someone actually dying live stream on Facebook.  It just felt like TOO MUCH.  So I prayed, and I mindfully meditated, and I asked how can I impact change?  During my drive to work it became clear, I would live stream peace.  Peaceful breathing, peaceful prayers, peaceful affirmations.  I would teach others how to breathe awareness into the peace that exists, even in the middle of the chaos.  “If everyone would take 2 minutes out of each day to pray for peace, what would happen in this world?  All I’m asking for is 2 minutes for peace!” I spoke out loud thru tears as I drove alone in the car during my commute to work.  The first live stream happened within an hour of crying out into the mountains my inner most yearning.  The streams now happen everyday on Facebook and have expanded to Instagram LIVE.

There is ALWAYS two minutes to connect to the peace that exists.

Whether it kick starts a stale meditation and prayer practice, or inspires you to initiate a daily personal renewal program, in two minutes you can connect to your breath and begin to feel subtle or profound changes in your state of being. We spread peace by being peaceful.

 May peace ripple from your heart into the hearts of all you encounter.

Streaming LIVE daily via Facebook, offering you the chance to practice together with the social media community.  Streams have also expanded to Instagram LIVE, throughout the day!

Visit our Youtube channel  to view our library of #twominutesforpeace videos on demand.

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