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Coaching with Alisa:  Integrative Coaching is a supportive program designed to help you dive deeper into self-exploration and learn to make changes toward living a more vibrant and purposeful life. We start where you are and acknowledge the full picture of your life to identify areas of strength and challenge. The focus is on you, as you are the expert of your own life. Together we create a program that integrates inspirations, clear motivations, and specific practices to support a holistically healthy and nourished life.

Are you longing for something more? At your job, in your relationships? Feeling aimless, unmotivated, or tired?  Wanting to make a healthy lifestyle change or dietary shift?  Do you feel authentically present in your relationships? Does your work reflect your innermost sense of purpose? Having difficulties sleeping or feeling rested? Find yourself bumping into the same obstacles over and over again?  Are you not quite able to achieve your prosperity goals?   Are you lacking energy in your life? Do you feel like time is passing you by or that you are missing out on something?  Desiring to travel a more spiritual path?  Do you want to learn how to meditate?  Looking for peace in your life, mind, and soul?

Integrative Coaching with founder Alisa Donner provides you with personalized interactive sessions and classes to create clarity and make sustainable changes in your life, relationships, and business visioning.  Integrating mind, body, and soul.  Together we will focus on removing what interferes with your success and overall sense of inner peace.

Learn how to:
*Understand what obstacles are impacting your success and happiness
*Set goals that you are intrinsically motivated to achieve
*Receive guidance to reduce stress and anxiety
*Increase restfulness and vitality
*Apply ancient Ayurvedic eating guidelines to access body wisdom
*Integrate emotions, thoughts, actions in a healing supportive way
*Nurture yourself
*Breathe, focus, and manifest
*Create a personalized daily practice infused with spirit
*Extend and deepen your experience beyond our guided meditations and blogs

Integrative Coaching provides individually tailored 1:1 sessions with Alisa, personalized meditations, yoga, breathing, dyad work, iRest Yoga Nidra, sacred mirroring, Ayurvedic nutritional support, health coaching and goal setting, along with group SKYPE classes, networking, and support.

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