Lemon Potatoes, the Perfect VATA Recipe

  Nothing says Autumn quite like roasted vegetables...especially if they are potatoes!  I have been eating exclusively in-line with Ayurvedic season and my own Dosha since the beginning of August....I must tell you, I am [...]


The signs are all around you.  Do you see them?  Stop and notice, its a new day, its a new moment, there is limitless possibilities in life for everything and everyone! The rain brings the [...]

Mindful Morning in the Garden

Spent some time as the sun was rising this morning hanging with my peach tree.  Taking time for mindfulness in the garden. I allowed for some time to notice, breathe, and be curious to the [...]

Alive and Aware

Alive and aware of each moment allows me to notice all the wonderful treasures that I am surrounded by.  Big and small.  Exhaling gratitude. "We can only be said to be alive in those moments [...]

Ignite Spirit

How do you ignite spirit? What makes you aroused with inspiration? What kindles your knowingness of the Isness of Being? Rituals have been around since forever for a very simple reason....they work!  OK, how do [...]

Anything Can Happen

Are you open to the possibilities?  I am staying open to them. We stand in our own way most of the time.  Isn't it funny how we often blame everyone else but ourselves for not [...]

Grateful for My Yoga

Being able to take an early morning yoga class, during a work week put me in such a state of gratitude.  It has been probably a decade since I've had the luxury of taking a [...]

Monday Rain

When it rains on your Monday. ☔️ ☔️☔️ A quiet energy to initiate a busy work week. We don't always have to bound into Monday skipping. A focused attention is another way to enter, with [...]

Good Morning!

GOOD MORNING! ? I bundled up, put on my Uggs and spent a little time this morning in my backyard. Enjoying the sunrise. Listening to the birds. Soaking in the trees that are starting to [...]

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