I am nourished

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What is a nourished life? I immediately think about food and eating something that is delicious with people that I love.  A meal with laughter and good vibrations.  But nourishment is so much more than healthy fun meals!  It is an overall state of happiness and balance.

Are you happy, satiated, grateful, healthy, loved, and peaceful? Do you feel alive?  Do you trust that everything is going to be ok?  Do you take time to renew?  Do you feel connected to those whom are in your life? Are you eating in a healthy clean way? I want all of that, don’t you?

My name is Alisa Donner, and I created I Am Nourished in rooted belief that with some guidance, support, and practice we can ground into an all encompassing sense of serenity, while simultaneously expanding feelings of love and compassion.  Peace.  Truly living happy, abundant, and loving lives. And that instead of having fleeting moments of peace, that we can actually KEEP OUR PEACE, regardless of the situation or circumstance that may arise around us or emotions that may well up within us.

My goal is to offer information, how-to’s, teaching, coaching, and resources to inspire and motivate you to live a nourished life, in your body, mind, and soul. Awakening to your inner resources in yourself and the resources always available within the world around you.

Credentials:  Working in Healthcare settings for over 28 years, Alisa has her Masters degree in Social Work from USC, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Kundalini and Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Level 2 iRest (Yoga Nidra), Rope Yoga, and BSR credentialed.  Alisa is also a Certified Yoga Therapist from the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).  She develops motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and health coaching curriculum at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration.  Her deep interest for maternal wellness led her to co-found the Pregnancy Awareness Month Campaign 9 years ago.  Nationally considered an expert in maternal wellness, specifically coaching on pregnancy and new parenting. Creator of the Two Minutes for Peace Campaign and Live for Peace (FB, YouTube, and Intagram live streams of meditations throughout the day.)  Although a therapist for 18 years, her mindfulness and breathing coaching can be accessed via her workshops, Youtube videos, Instagram and Facebook posts.

If you seek more individualized guidance, Alisa can work with you directly in her coaching program.

Besides teaching and being in service, her most sincere joy comes from nourishing her family life with her loving husband and being a mom to a 12 year old.